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The Volvo Rests

September 16, 2004

Well, the old '79 Volvo 245DL (still un-named) served me well for several years.  But, the seasons of life pass ... new paint, wax, oxidation, rust.  It's time was up.   It's number was pulled.  The Volvo has been retired ... put out to pasture ... replaced by a newer model.

Several people requested that I continue the tale of the Volvo, so this website is dedicated to that great car, and that infamous day of it's demise ... September 16, 2004, when the Volvo went to the crusher....

The Bay Area Air Quality Management Board had been sending me letters (for several years) stating that they would buy my Volvo for $500.  Since I paid less than that for the vehicle, this sounded like a possibility.  Even though the Volvo passed the Smog test in Feb. 2004 with flying colors, the Air Quality people still say old cars pollute more.  I think they just don't like ugly cars, or are in cahoots with new-car dealers.  After inquiring about the requirements (at least 1 door in place, 1 window, runs for 10 seconds), I found out that the Volvo was eligible. 

Considering that the Volvo had developed some new ailments, I decided it was "time":

  + A horrible noise from the A/C compressor bearings  
  + Starter problems - starter barely could turn the engine over  
  + Overdrive worked intermittently  

That, plus increased ridicule from friends who refused to ride in it (except in dire emergencies) lead me to "Criag's List" where I found a newer, and more road-worthy Volvo for less than $500.  Being a sucker for a good deal, I decided to "upgrade".  After many years of good and faithful service, the Volvo was sold to "Pick Your Part" on 9/16/04 ... a sad day.

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