sandrail1.jpg (13376 bytes)sandrail1.jpg (13376 bytes)One of the highlights of the trip was riding on "Sand Rails" at the infamous Oregon Dunes.  We took the "guided ride" option to avoid getting stuck in the dunes on our own.  Our experienced drivers from Sand Dunes Frontier (Link #1   Link #2) gave us a great thrill!  And when we weren't riding the "Sand Rails", we were sliding down the dunes on Snow Saucers at Cleawox Lake (that dune in the background is where the pics below were taken...)

Sand Rails

bullet7/27/2000 - 02
bullet7/27/2000 - 03
bullet7/27/2000 - 04
bullet7/27/2000 - 05

Cleawox Lake Sliding

bullet7/26/2000 - 08
bullet7/26/2000 - 09
bullet7/26/2000 - 10
bullet7/26/2000 - 11
bullet7/26/2000 - 12
bullet7/26/2000 - 13