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The Caviary

This is a picture of our piggy condo that is in our garage. The light bulbs keep the pigs warm during the cold months of the year.
Peanut Butter

This is Peanut (short for Peanut Butter....that's what color he is). He was our first Guinea Pig. We adopted him in June, 1998. He came from a pet store in Gilroy and taught us to love Guinea Pigs. He is an American Cream, though his color is technically too "Brassy" for him to do well in shows. However, he did bring home a blue ribbon from the Nov. '99 show at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. He was the best in his class....well, he was the only one in his class, but we don't tell him that. He got lonely and asked us for playmates...
Sugar Baby

This is Sugar Baby, or Sugar for short. She is an American Broken. She was born August 19, 1999, and we brought her home when she was 7 weeks old. She came from Juliet Barrera's Pine Lake Caviary in San Bruno, CA. She was going to be a mate for Peanut, but as we learned more about Guinea Pigs, we decided that we should find a different mate for Peanut.....

This is Angel and she is an American White. We drove to Sacramento one weekend in October, 1999 to adopt her. We justified the trip by visiting some very good friends who had just moved to the area. She came from Debbbie McKeachnie's stock, from Diamond Cross Cavies. She was born August 15, 1999. We thought she would be a good mate for Peanut since she would lighten up Peanut's brassy color. So now we needed a mate for Sugar Baby...

Rocky is a Tortoise Shell & White (TSW) American. He was born June 24, 1999. We adopted him from Carol Miller in San Diego. Scott was on a business trip and just happened to find Carol Miller... Rocky came home on an airplane from San Diego in a "Nordstrom's" bag. Ask Scott about that story sometime.

Mystic is a White American and is our oldest Cavy. With our growing menagerie, we needed to find better housing. We purchased the pig condo that is shown at the top of this page from a local family who had been involved in 4-H. Mystic was one of their award-winning Cavies and has numerous blue ribbons to her name. We decided to adopt her, along with the condo. She is a sweet, gentle animal and has helped us learn the fine art of Cavy Showmanship.

We attended the GSCBA Cavy Show at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds in November. We brought five animals to the show and came home with seven. Champ is one of the two new kids. In talking with more experienced Guinea Pig breeders, we realized that it was probably best to let Peanut be our patriarch, but that he should not be bread due to his color and a couple of other characteristics. That left Angel without a potential mate which is how Champ justified coming home with us. He is an American White and was born July 15, 1999. He came to us from Mary Colridge who lives in Fairfield, CA.

Snickers also joined us at the November show. She is an American Broken and came from Pine Lake Caviary. She was an adorable, cute little thing as she was born October 20, 1999. It was love at first sight. Jennifer and Allison both had $5 burning holes in their pockets at the show. They earned that money from one of the participants in the show by catching two cavies. It seems that a cavy container had tipped over while it was being unloaded from a car and two of the cavies escaped and ran under the car. The car was parked in mud, of course. Jennifer and Allison were heroes as they retrieved the escapees and received their reward....which was promptly spent on adoption fees.
4-H Farmers

Here are the two 4-H farmers who own this menagerie...

Special thanks to our good friend Paul Gramann of Durham, NC, who visited us with his digital camera and took the photos shown here.

Last Updated December 26, 1999